Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Summer So Far, The Sequel

Here are a few more things that I know I know:

13. My apartment smells of 'guy'.. not bad but not good either. When I say 'guy', I mean like the way a male teenager's room smells or a locker room smells or feet, well, you get the point. Is the answer candles? Sprays? My roommate and I both shower regularly, wear clean clothes and there are no dishes in the sink. And yet it smells like 'guy'. What is up with that?

14. Just the mere mention of the documentary "Man on Wire" (about a man who walked a cable strung between the Twin Towers in 1974) gives me vertigo and makes my legs all swimmy. Just reading the commentaries on leave me feeling as though I'm in free-fall 110 stories above the Earth. My fear of heights seems to have sharpened as I've gotten older despite my attempts to "cure" myself - going up to the oberservation deck - the 80th floor or so- of the Towers in 1986 and looking down between the two buildings was a start, going to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, the top of the Eifel Tower in Paris and other such monuments, I thought would cure me but alas it has not. Frankly, 911 just confirmed my worst fears of what could happen when one is in a tall building. Thank God the BF lives on the 5th floor of his building!

15. I need a weekend out of the city. I think I've written this before but it bears repeating. Maybe I'll just get on the first train some weekend out of Penn Station and take it to whereever and then get out and get on the first train heading back. I need to get off this island even if only for a few hours (I know I know, there's always Brooklyn and Queens.. but those boroughs used to be their own distinct place, but now they are really just extensions of Manhattan). Maybe over Labor Day weekend.

16. Swing Vote still sucks. And worse, I remembered this morning that I had remarked at the time that one scene uses virtually bar for bar the music from Costner's Field of Dreams all in a cynical attempt to evoke the good will of the earlier, much better, movie. As I'm a HUGE fan of FOD and have seen it a dozen times and listened to the soundtrack perhaps a hundred times, I know of what I speak.

17. I watched General Hospital on Soap Net Tuesday night because there was nothing else on and it's virtually unwatchable. It's still mob-centric, the Quartermaines are nearly extinct. The Q's were picked off one by one over the past five years and now are bearly recognizable.
Plus the show stupidly killed off the son of a legacy character rather than mine him for decades of history. The newcomers are decent though but it's not a show I know anymore.

My wish is that someone on the show would go back in time to 1998 when all my favorite characters were still alive and change history and then over a year the show would rewrite and revisit the storylines of the last decade so that by the time they got current, we'd have all of our favorites living again, a real development of what's been going on with them over the past ten years and the basis for a show that I personally would love to watch again. Naturally that'll never happen.

But I do have a question: why must a character be killed off if the writers need to write them out? Does no one get a job or go to school or have a relative to take care of out of town? To me, it's creative bankruptcy to kill as many characters as GH has done and is detrimental to the long survival of the show and by some rights, the genre. Sigh. But no one asked me.

18. "Night Shift" - the GH nighttime spin off isn't so bad though. Focusing on the hospital the way, you know, a show named "General Hospital" should. I'm just sayin.

19. I am having tremendous fun noodling around with the Thirteen Facebook page creating graphics and writing a daily blog. It's keeping me off the streets and sometimes that's the most one can ask out of life.

And those are the things that I know I know today.

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