Monday, November 24, 2008

Life on Low Hum

It’s a short week and as a lot of people take these three days off, you just might be sitting at your desk noodling around on the internet because you’re without things to keep you busy. And post Election, it's nice to be anxiety free (at least about THAT).

Fear not, there’s all sorts of things that you can do. First, you might want to dig into a couple hundred years of photographs in the LIFE archives which you can find by checking out this Google blog at

Or if you’re just going to randomly put words or phrases into a search engine, why not make your idle curiosity pay? Use Good Search for your needs and a penny will go to the charity of your choice for every search.

Good Search has a pretty hefty list of non profits that benefit from your search. Plus, if you use one of the many internet retail companies listed on the site, those companies will give your charity a percentage of the profits from the sale of the item you bought. So if you’re going to get the new Dido or Britney Spears CD anyway, why not order it through Amazon and at the same time help your favorite charity? The site is easy to maneuver and remembers whatever charity you’ve listed for your search in the past.

Then there's always Anne Telnes' cartoons from the Washington Post There's a library to choose from but the current one shows up on top.

Finally, if you're as much of a tv addict as I am, this will blow your mind, it's a website devoted to 'the mind of Tommy Westphall' which I may have included in a previous post but it bears repeating: Tommy Westphall was the name of the austistic child who, it was revealed in the final episode, imagined the entire St. Elsewhere series as he stared into a snowglobe. That being established, then, it stands to reason that anything mentioned on the show or any character appearing on the show that appears in another TV show is also in the mind of Tommy Westphall.. and yes LOST and I Love Lucy are among the dozens of shows connected by guest charactrs and uses of fictional products.

It's all pretty cool stuff and it's a HUGE time waster so get going, you don't have another minute to waste.. ok so maybe you do ...

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