Monday, November 3, 2008

Make a Wish, Count To Three

Well, we made it. We’re finally here. Tomorrow we vote.

But the Election has been such an intense circus for so long that it’s inevitable that on Wednesday there’ll be one part of the country cheering and the other part of the country will be depressed, or, worse, angry.

If I was near a fountain, I’d toss a penny (about the only thing I have left of my investments, oh joy) into it and wish that we could all be universally happy and eager to work whether it’s “my” guy or “your” guy.

But, being unable to work ‘across the aisle’ is where we’re at as human beings right now so the best that we might be able to aim for is civility when the results come out. Not only for the “losing” side, but for the “winning” side as well.

I can’t imagine anyone here at Thirteen not voting tomorrow and hopefully everyone reading this has figured out when they’re going to vote as well. Take a magazine, your iPod or go with a friend. It might be a wait. But this might be a good thing.

Wouldn’t it be really cool (like they’re saying in the Starbucks ad going round the web) if 100% of registered voters came out to vote?

This Election is already historic, a higher than ever turnout would add one more history making element to it.

Now why voting isn’t on a Saturday when people don't have to miss work in order to cast their ballot is beyond me. It would seem to me to be a no brainer but then they haven’t put me in charge of these things. Yet.

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