Monday, December 15, 2008

Mad, Sad and Just Plain Blahhhh

This morning we had an ‘all-staff’ meeting at work ..well, actually it was held at the 34th Street Loew’s Theatre since our usual meeting place – the studio - is being used by the set for WorldFocus the new news show being produced by Thirteen.

Our president Neal had some grim things to report about the economy (not a shocker of course but unnerving when it’s pointed out on the big screen reminding me of a slide show that Lucy once showed Charlie Brown depicting his faults) but also, thankfully, some good news about the exciting projects in the new year.

Not only is everyone eagering looking forward to the Make ‘Em Laugh six part series in January, the new studio space at Lincoln Center, some incredible music programs and the series about America’s infrastructure, Blueprint America but also the new hosts of SundayArts and some really great Masterpiece Classic programs including a spring series of adaptations of the works of Charles Dickens.

So today, I’m trying to focus on the good things. And that’s not been easy given a very depressing weekend where not one but all three days of plans that I made got changed/shortened or outright cancelled. At least I caught up on my tv viewing.

This is good I suppose since One Life to Live continues to really be spectacularly well done and I had three eppys of “Pushing Daisies” to watch. The sad note is that of course “Daisies” is cancelled and we’ll never get to see how everything gets wrapped up – unless creator Bryan Fuller gets it out there in a comic book. It’s bad enough when comic books are made into terrible movies, but a tv show made into a comic book? Did they not learn their lesson from “Welcome Back, Kotter” the comic book?

So this week has started with a thud, but the holidays are nearly here and that is a good thing too.

Finally, today is Facebook Blackout Day when people who don’t like the “new” Facebook will be silently protesting by not logging on. Or logging on but suspending poking each other. Or something like that. Me, I prefer the old design as well but wasn’t quite sure how not using some free service would really make an impact other than make it cheaper for them to run for a day.

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