Saturday, March 7, 2009

Woke up This Morning

The past few weeks have been stressful for everyone... layoffs, financial pressures, worry about everything under the sun.

For me, it's meant a lot of sleepless nights and that's turned me super cranky and irritable. If I got even an hour or two sleep a night I would consider that a good night. Even if I do get multiple hours of sleep, they are never more than two or three in a row. I wake up and then struggle to get back to sleep.....

But last night I finished up some work that I had to do, had some popcorn, watched the third to the last episode of Battlestar Galactica (this series is SO incredibly good), took a sleeping pill and climbed into bed and did my level best to relax and let go of all the mountains of things I've been thinking about...

.... and after some fun dreams one of which I was (again) in classes (I seem to be having those kinds of dreams often) I woke up after a solid seven hours of sleep at 6:30am this morning not quite wide awake but enough that I had this exact thought process:

"wow, I'm awake so early! I can make breakfast, do a little email and then get dressed and get to work early for a change... wait, what am I thinking? It's SATURDAY!!!"

After which I fell back asleep for about an hour or so before I climbed out of bed and am now startin my day.

And while this isn't a monumentus occasion for many, given what I've been through sleep-wise lately, it's a flippin miracle. :)

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