Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What You See is What You Get

When I was riding my bike this past Saturday, the shoreline along the Hudson streteched out before me with unlimited potential.
But at one point I noticed this man huddled over by the side of the river. Could he be depressed or tired? Did someone just dump him or is he just out to get some sun on the first great day of spring?
Whatever the answer is, I'll never know but I did notice one thing.. he's the 'dot' in an exclamation point and it made me think: maybe we're so hung up on our own problems, we don't realize that just by being alive, we are an exclamation of joy to other people. So live today as though you are an exclamation point for someone else and help bring some joy to others (even if it means forgetting your own 'stuff' for abit).

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