Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snopocalypse Now. Or Later. Whatever.

Yeah, I know it's bad in Chicago but I can't help but feel that we were promised a RETURN OF THE JEDI third installment of a snowpocalypse and we got butkus. Maybe we did get a RETURN OF THE JEDI storm after all - lots of hype, kind of tepid result.

People keep talking about how bad this winter is.. really? It sort of feels that this is how winter used to be when I was a kid in Wisconsin (ok so maybe two feet in Chicago IS extreme) but I think we here in New York especially have had it easy weather-wise the past few years. I've been a little disappointed in the lack of real bite winter has had in recent years... and being from Wisconsin my response to usually tough New Yorkers who (still) complain about all the snow is "really?".

You're New Yorkers - toughen up. You're supposed to be the gold standard of taking it and taking it and then oh yeah taking it some more. New Yorkers originated the phrase "snap out of it". Why else did Cher win the Oscar for MOONSTRUCK?  Academy voters were like "yeah, she gets it".

The Midwest has stolen same sex marriage as an issue that at least people are arguing over.. here in New York it seems yawn inducing even for most gay men. Sure, same sex marriage doesn't have the same thrill as, let's say, AIDS or crystal meth addiction, but seriously, New York you've already let Iowa beat you to the legalization punch, don't let them steal our inate survival skills. Lately it rains a little and New Yorkers go into a spiral. Snap out of it!

Anyway, here's a little pic I took during Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo. Enjoy.

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