Monday, February 14, 2011

That Must Have Been Some Good Party

New Year's Day 2011 and I'm out walking with Ro - a very civilized way to start a new year, by the way - and I noticed a hat perched on the antenna of a parked car.

My imagination goes wild thinking of all the options how the hat ended up there - twentysomethings partying up a storm, leaving the hat behind after one in their group throws up; someone thinking putting a hat on some car would be funny; maybe a lonely partygoer walking home alone after giving someone they liked a new years kiss, leaving the hat behind as a reminder to them when they walk by of the night before's lingering feeling upon their lips.... maybe any, maybe none.

And what of the owner of the car, wonder what they thought when they came to the car and found it? Amused? Annoyed? Inspired? Nonchalant?

And it occurred to me that perhaps this imaginative curious exploration would be the theme of 2011. There are worse ways to spend a year!

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