Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to February 2011 in New York City

Yesterday was an incredible day - wakin' up next to Ro, a good workout at Steel Gym, a tasty breakfast sammich at a place near work, a call from a childhood friend who said not one but two really wonderfully nice things that really made my day, a guest letter that made last week's not so happy moments a lot better, and then an afterwork thing that gave me great hope for some amazing things to come. And then I spent a couple hours watching FRIENDS with Ro- we're making our way through the series and we're up to season 4. Could we BE any more addicted to this show? :)

Sunday morn we did a spur of the moment trip up to the top of the Empire State Building. Well, the observation floor. Which is outside. Windy and cold. And did I mention that I was 88 floors above street level. And did I mention I have a thing about heights? But I'm determined not to let that stop me from enjoying things. I wish that they were things with protective windows and a big net around the building to catch me should I fall, but I can live without it.

Anyway, this is the view from the top. There's a 102nd floor observatory which is teeny tiny and I figured that I could not handle that. One of the things that makes the 88th floor bearable is that I can pretty much touch the core of the building. If I was in a wraparound room feeling like I had nothing to hold on to... oy.

It's Wednesday, it's cold it's rainy, I don't think any groundhog anywhere is going to see his shadow. Ugh!

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