Friday, October 10, 2008

Take that, Wisconsin

That's three states that have realized that to recognize and affirm people's relationships is to recognize and affirm people. Just a couple months ago Wisconsin officials threatened that anyone who went to California (or Mass apparently) to get married, would be thrown in jail upon their return.

But then what do you expect in this topsy turvy year when kindly Wisconsinites have turned hateful and the Packers are doing well? It's like the Bizarro-Wisconsin!

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Anonymous said...

Actually the Pack isn't doing well! So it truly is upside down since they have had a pretty good run for a number of years. Of course, they let Brett go. I have found that the true indicator of who is going to vote for Obama and who is going to vote for McCain is whether or not they feel that the Pack treated Brett unfairly after years of loyal service when he probably could of gone to another team for more money--(voting for Obama) or if Brett was a big cry-baby jerk (McCain). Really! I am not kidding in the least. Oh and read the article in the NY Times about McCain's visit to Waukesha--it will make your skin crawl. People have convinced themselves that the REAL reason they don't like him is because of his views--but they are just fooling themselves--it is deep-down a rejection based on race.---Lynn