Saturday, October 11, 2008

Up and At 'Em

Woke up early and I've already been for a bike ride, had breakfast and cleaned the apartment and it's only 10:20..that shows you what a decent night's sleep will get you!

Off today for a rehearsal lunch for two friends, Norman and Guy, who are getting married tomorrow here in New York City.

Haven't been to any weddings in ages and suddenly two in the span of a month. One was for a couple that have been together for 11 years and tomorrow's is for a couple that have been together for 25 years. New York hasn't legalized marriage yet but they do accept marriages done in other states.

It kind of astounds me when one of the reasons that opponents of gay marriage use in refusing to support it is that gay (and lesbian) couples are unstable. Seems like couples that have been together 11 and 25 years are pretty stable. I know a lot of hetero marriages that lasted a LOT shorter than that. I'm just sayin.

On the political front, kudos to McCain for FINALLY saying something to his wing-nut supporters (I feel sorry for the poor woman who got all choked up - while she called Obama an Arab) about their crazy behaviour this past week.

But really, McCain has no one to blame but his own team which includes his crazy wife who with an icy cold rant accused Obama of voting against supporting the troops (not true but it makes a good sound bite) and Palin who is, well, just an idiot (and hopefully the findings that she acted unlawfully will change her standing in the political community).

And thanks to Lynn for the comment she posted to the previous post... you are correct... everything the Republican populace is saying against Obama ("terrorist" "Arab" etc) at these rallys is all code for "I don't want a black man in the White House".

Maybe these people don't even know what they're saying - I'm not sure which is worse though, delusional people who think that Obama really is a terrorist because he stood in a room with a terrorist 20 years ago (or whatever the hell they're grasping at straws about) or that people are still so narrow that the bigotry overrides everything else in their brain.

Either way it makes for some scary people on the loose out there in the world. It makes New York City look positively normal. And that's saying a lot. :)

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