Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Soup Operas

It's back again, the bad product placement on ABC soaps... cringeworthy references to V8 and Campbell's soup on One Life to Live and now Prego on All My Children. It was bad enough back in the mid 90s when, just at the time that Disney acquired ABC, that Luna's spa on OLTL would frequently sport Disney movie posters in the background (because I know many spas that advertise with full movie posters, don't you?) and it was barely tolerable that all the kids on both AMC and OLTL played with Disney plush toys and last year when all the women of Fusion on AMC would start chanting the virtues of Campbell soup, but really, the writing for this is not even remotely subtle. One of two things is happening here: either the writing staff thinks viewers are too stupid to notice OR they are making it so obvious on purpose in order to call attention to it as a way of saying "we have to do this but we aren't going to like it". I vote for the latter because I am an optimist. Really.

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